About Tangolera shoes

Comfort “NO MORE PAIN ®”

We understand the feeling of heaviness and the swelling at the end of the Milonga that sometimes won’t allow us to fully appreciate an evening. The bother and discomfort caused by prolonged use of high heels can create actual spinal dysfunctions over time (back pain and even small contractures), knee problems (the stress on the knee increases by approximately 25%), calf and Achilles tendon (the use of heels shortens the calf muscles causing chronic contraction which places abnormal stress of the Achilles tendon causing heel pain) and, finally to the foot due to the increased forefoot pressure (up to 75% more).

We are very aware of this so years ago we decided to design and manufacture tango shoes that not only meet the important aesthetic requirements, but also prevent the pathologies mentioned above; shoes that take care of you and your lower limbs. This is how Tangolera shoes began; designed, tested and manufactured by professional tango dancers, the models are produced with innovative design and materials. We didn’t settle for materials already in use, we researched new materials … and we found them.

The unique plantar suspension “NO MORE PAIN ®” that is applied as standard to all women’s models allows you to dance without unduly straining the forefoot, it facilitates and improves circulation and, above all, its features remain unchanged over the years, so much so that the plantar suspension is guaranteed for shoe-life.

We didn’t forget appearance either and have, in recent years, initiated partnerships with fashion professionals in order to offer beautiful, attractive shoes that are also incredibly comfortable … but we aren’t satisfied yet! Our “Research & Development” department is constantly aiming to offer you comfortable, supple, light, long-lasting shoes that are better than any other product on the market.