About the webshop


Cordelo DA import Tangolera shoes from the producer Italian Dance Shoes srl in Italy.


Prices for all products in our in-house stock include shipping, VAT and customs fee. Transaction fee will apply for Vipps or cards.

Shipping costs and transaction fee will apply for products ordered outside our stock (shoes we order for you at Tangolera).


Collect at Haakon VIIs gate 23c, Trondheim

We collect orders from customers (minimum 4 pairs) to reduce workload and shipping costs. Expect 7-14 days before you can pick up your shoes. During vacations and holidays this could be slightly longer.

Home delivery

Normal delivery is 7-14 days from Tangolera receives your order, but often shorter time. Orders are delivered by UPS to your home address between 8 and 16.


We will send you a payment notice on Vipps before we send the order to Tangolera. If you don’t use Vipps, we will send you an invoice for wire payment. Receipt can be sent upon request.

Return policy

Ordering shoes is at your own risk regarding size, looks and comfort, but according to Norwegian law you can contact us within 14 days in order to return your product(s). The product(s) must be reveived in the same condition as shipped to you.  You have to fill out this Return form and send it together with the product(s) within reasonable time. We will issue the return payment if eligible as soon as we receive the product(s). You need to pay for the return yourself, unless you deliver the product(s) to Haakon VIIs gate 23c.


Any complaints or questions about our products or services can be sent to shop@cordelo.com.